We are a small family run business with big dreams for the future.  We know we will never compete with the high street giant retailers, but what we do aim for is to serve our clients with massive heart and passion that only smaller companies can offer.

Just because our products are online, doesn’t mean we’re robots too 🙂 We are real people behind the scenes, fully qualified in all areas of fitness and nutrition so please feel free to contact us anytime if you need help choosing the right products for yourself, your friends, family or colleagues.

Our mission is to try and help people slow down the ageing process, have more energy and feel more alive! Life is too short for shitty food and bad moods. 

Our owner Kim has been working in health and fitness for almost 10 years, and specialises in weight loss, clean eating, fitness food, and anti-ageing from the inside out.  At nearly 43 years old, she believes that no matter how you’ve treated yourself in the past, you can start a fresh and turn thing around. Its never too late to be your most awesome self. 

Thank you for supporting our store, please feel free to contact me anytime for help and support.
Much love, Kim xx